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Virgin Kitesurfing Armada 2014 – Hayling Island

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada is a weekend kitesurfing festival held every year at CBK beach, on the south west of Hayling Island. We are 100% focused on kitesurfing, so the festival operates using a wind window format, and will run the first weekend of good wind on either 13/14 September, 27/28 September or 11/12 October 2014.  This year it was 11/12 October 2014.


The event brings together kitesurfers and their families, the kitesurfing industry and the public for one awesome weekend. The aim is to Break the World Record for kitesurfing on the water, alongside a festival including international kite brands, pro kitesurfers, kite films, music, bars, entertainment and fundraising for a good cause.


At about 1pm all the kite surfers headed to the beach into the allocated starting zones.  The set up began with kites being inflated, lines laid out and wetsuits in place.


The Armada itself has a target to get over 500 GPS tracked kitesurfers to ride together in convoy between Hayling Island to Pagham, 15 miles down the coast. To pull this off is a big challenge.  The day started slow due to almost no wind at all.  As the afternoon passed the wind slowly picked up and everyone had their fingers crossed.


Volvo Cars Sailing & Kitesurfing


At about 3pm the wind was up.  It’s Go Go Go, kite surfers start launching their kites and the first ones started entering the water. Within half an hour there were hundreds of kite surfers joining the Kitesurfing Armada.



362 hit the water but sadly only 344 completed the course!

Kitesurfing Armada 2014 Photograph Gallery

Kitesurfing Armada  2014

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